Submit your favorite photo!

“Irish Life, Then and Now, for the Camera”

Exhibition Opening: Saturday, September 17, 2022 (half-way to St Patrick’s Day 2023 – a celebration and reminder of our proud Irish heritage)

Calling All Members: 
The Irish Center is looking for photographs that reveal the beauty and spirit of each of the 32 Counties of Ireland.  We envision that this extraordinary collective will chronicle life in Ireland over decades. Share your old and new photos of Ireland with the community.  Share images of people, sports, landscapes, and culture.  Let’s laugh, shed a tear or two; Let’s remember together what makes us so proud to be Irish.

Our goal is to have each county represented – only one photo per person per County will be accepted into the exhibition. 

  • Pick your finest photo of your ancestors 
  • OR
  • Pick from past trips 
  • OR
  • Add this project to your to-do list while traveling in Ireland this summer.  

Please send your submission as a hard copy (not digital) photo to the Irish Center at 6815 Emlen Street, Philadelphia, PA.  Please make sure your name, the county depicted and a description of what or who is in the photo is placed on the back of the photo.

All photos must be received by Saturday, September 3, 2022.

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