Damian McGinty Live at the Irish Center!

November 16th – Click HERE to purchase tickets.

Damian McGinty is a singer, songwriter and actor from Derry, Ireland. His career began at the age of 13 when he recorded a charity CD, and his unmistakable talent and charisma quickly catapulted him into fame and success. Selected in 2007 by producer Sharon Browne and musical director Phil Coulter to join the inaugural cast of Celtic Thunder, Damian quickly became a fan favorite for his friendly charm and his deep baritone voice.  As a winner of The Glee Project, Damian landed a guest star role in Fox’s hit television series Glee, as foreign exchange student Rory Flanagan.  Damian’s debut solo album Young Forever reached #3 on the iTunes Pop Chart and earned him a spot as ‘Artist of the Month’ by Elvis Duran. 


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