Commodore Barry Memorial Mass

Memorial Mass at Old St. Mary’s Church on Sunday, September 12 at 10:00 AM

The plan is to celebrate the Mass on September 12 with the parishioners at Old St. Mary’s Church and also include the attendees that faithfully come to the Commodore John Barry Memorial Mass each year.  

We hope you will be able to attend the commemorative ceremonies on September 12 this year.  Attendees are requested to wear a mask to the event.  It is suggested that attendees wear comfortable shoes for navigating the brick sidewalk in the cemetery.  The Memorial Mass is expected to conclude at 10:30 AM at which time we will assemble in front of the church for a procession to the area of Commodore Barry’s gravesite. 

We are pleased to welcome the participation of the U.S. Navy Honor Guard in the commemorative ceremony at Commodore Barry’s gravesite following the Memorial Mass.  A lectern with battery powered amplification will be positioned at the brick pathway just north of Commodore Barry’s gravesite.  A representative from each of the participating groups will be called to the lectern for a brief acknowledgement (suggested time limit of 2 minutes) of their participation in the commemorative ceremony.  Near the close of the ceremony there will be a wreath laying at Commodore Barry’s gravesite, so a representative from each participating group is invited to participate with a wreath for that part of the ceremony.  At the conclusion of the wreath laying ceremony, following the bagpipe music and during the military salute to Commodore Barry by the U.S. Navy Honor Guard, a U.S. Navy bugler will play “Taps”. 

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